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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Can I get a little Java with my Jython?

Java and Jython

Quick Update:  I started a new project last year around August and I have been 100% devoted to getting it finished successfully for the client.  I try to take notes of blog topics while going through my work week so I can catch up on here.  Sorry, that I have lost touch this past year. 

Java and Jython go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly!  They actually help complete one another since java has robust libraries and Jython is a logical scripting language. On this project, we did a couple of really cool things. 

  • Built an FDMEE adapter to extract, map, and load Journals, with all the details, into the new HFM application
    • Journal Label, Description, Line Item Descriptions, Approved By, Created By, Balance Type, Journal Group, etc. 
  • Built Pre-Import process for an FDMEE Essbase load that automates HFM Consolidations and Translations for a given Entity Member List. 
    • This process also reads the Application Status Mode and switches it to Admin only, Logs out all users, notifies team via email, and once complete switches the App Mode to allow everyone to log in. 
    • The Entity Member List is one created within HFM that we reference so that it is dynamic and updates on the fly as the users maintain metadata.
Just summarizing the process in two bullet points doesn't give it justice.  We just save a tremendous amount of time and effort to migrate Journals and the client during flash reporting.  During the build, we leveraged the HFM Java Developer guide and a little ingenuity on the FDMEE to identify the API calls that are necessary to build the complete process. 

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  1. Hi Beau - I need to extract Journals from HFM with all the details. Could you share anything about how you managed to do this? Any help much appreciated. Thanks. Marcus